Friday, March 4, 2011

Just plugging along...

Well, I had a blast expanding the log entry into some real fiction. It's early yet for Zarkov, so he doesn't really have a voice at this point. As the game progressed, he started to really flesh out and develop. I hope that will come across in future stories.

The Ian story is kind of on hold right now, as one of the characters may be getting a retcon in the game, and I'll change the fiction to suit it. If it takes too long, I'll repost part one before continuing.

The next series I'll put up are the stories of Lumfarangdelarukh, but everybody calls him Lum. He's a barbarian I've been playing in a D&D 3.5 game, and he's dumb as a brick, but built like a brick shithouse. Not the most original character concept, admittedly...but 180 degrees from what I normally play. Maybe even 270. So, he's a ton of fun.

Last time I played him, we got attacked by a plant creature called "the root of all evil". I started planning tactics, relaying them to the DM, and one of the other players said "Hey, Dangerboy...aren't you raging (berserk) right now?" "Oh, yeah", I said, "I charge in blindly and hit it with my axe." I knew it was going to hurt, but it was fun anyway. Incidentally, that plant swallowed Lum whole, and I got to miss most of the fight. The laughs, however, were well worth it.

In case you haven't noticed, I adore cooperative storytelling and role playing. There are a lot of gamer stories out there...but few tell the tale of how they passed Go and collected 200 dollars. Just sayin'. It's always about the fun you have, not the things you do.

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