The Stories and the Games

As I add stories, I'll put notes here on where their inspiration is coming from. None of the tales are exactly as they happen at the game table, I take a lot of liberties with dialogue especially.  Mainly because I forget it, or when I read my notes I think "What the hell does this scribble mean?"

1) The story of Ian Corwin and friends.  He's a security director for Genisys Biocorp, and he's become a "Super".  This is from a game of Heroes Unlimited I play with a few good friends.  Ian used to be with special ops in New Zealand, then moved back to his native Australia.  After a while, he decided to pursue some big dollars, and got hired in Century Station in the States thanks to some mutual deployment buddies.
  I have fun with this guy, using Aussie slang and military perspective. He's fun to play, and I use him not just to move through a story and beat up bad guys, but to put some humor in the game as well.
(This was a sadly short-lived game, so no new posts from Ian.)

2) The story of Zarkov Barbossa and the other acolytes of Inquisitor Jonas.  He's an ex-mercenary sergeant, and has seen a number of battles.  This is from a game of Dark Heresy that I play in, with some pretty great gamers and role-players.  Time absolutely flies with this group, and we've put in 8-9 hour games without even realizing it.  Zarkov has developed quite a bit over time, starting as the gun-toting heavy looking upon the rest of the team first as a challenge to work with, and then becoming the sarge again, with him feeling responsibility for their well being.  He's overcome hardships galore, and I really enjoy the gaming universe of Warhammer 40k, which makes him a lot of fun to play.

3) The story of Lum and the riddle of crystal.  Lum is from a game of Dungeons and Dragons (3.5), played in the Eberron setting.  There's a lot of new here for me.  I haven't played or read Eberron before, so Lum and I are both discovering the world together.  Also, I have never played the meatshield type before.  Lum has an intelligence score of 8, which makes writing him a challenge in 1st to write someone slow, but not make the story slow.  I'm not sure if I'm succeeding, but I'm giving it a shot.  As for playing him at the table, too much fun by far.  He's a Shifter Barbarian, so he can rage and shift and add damage bonuses that stack to your eyeballs.  It's a bit gratifying, really.  :)   (This game ended a while back, so no new stuff will happen)

4) The story of Macu Vesp and crew, in a Star Wars setting.  This is going to be fun...the FFG system is different, with an odd storytelling dice set up that I'm still learning.  Then there's the roleplaying challenge of playing a Gand; they don't use personal pronouns for themselves until they've achieved great things.  

More to come soon!