Friday, December 1, 2017

Edge of the Empire, Session 1

This ship, it is ZX-373. Vesp is told a ship should have a name, but that time has not come yet. It will, as will many other things. The mists have revealed it.

 Image courtesy of Wookiepeedia

Its crew, they are solid. Macu is captain and owner. Macu Vesp is the Gand you see before you. Arri, or Arrikatykam should one wish formality, is engineer. Arri is a very talented Wookie.
Banner is of Gank, a mercenary hired on by Vesp along with his cohort, Fourthguy. (fourthguy is of course a placeholder name, as this character wasn't ready yet.)

This crew has found itself at Formos spaceport, at the end of the Kessel Run. This is not a place for the weak of will, nor the faint of heart. In less than an hour, an urchin had attempted robbery, though we did not know it until after. Arri pressed the little punk into service as our guide, though I did pay for the child's time.

It is the nature of Finding not only to be where, but to be when. So it was when from an alley we heard the voice of a droid calling for help. A protocol droid was found, in very bad shape indeed. It begged us to rescue its friend, an astromech designated R4-W9.

As Arri attempted repairs, we spoke with it, discovering a gang had assaulted them, and that the R4 unit had maps of runs which supposedly were hidden ways. Perhaps a way to shave some time off the Run? It is learned that the gang has Rodians and Weequay working together, possibly rare enough to notice.

Our reluctant guide led us to Rii Jenk's Cantina. Gand asked around but received no answers, until a Devaronian approached us and divulged that this port works on a trust system. One must be known to get jobs. He was an information broker, so perhaps to be believed.

A confluence of information was created, showing the when and why to match our where. A 10k bounty on Dobah, an Aqualish. Knowledge that the gang with the R4 is very likely Dobah's gang. Members, Weequay and human, of Dobah's gang making a Rodian girl, sister to a bounty hunter who disappeared seeking the bounty on Dobah, very uncomfortable.

Arri dissuaded them in their pursuit of the Rodian, Zucata. Wookies can be quite persuasive.

As we discussed the nature of Zucata's quest to find her brother, a Toydarian at the bar was obviously eavesdropping. He even grinned at us as he left, though he did not know that Banner had already gone outside, to watch and to wait and to see.

So it was that Banner saw him inform, saw him paid off, and saw the 3 members of the gang arm up and come storming after us in the bar. It became time to answer the question “If one brings an E-web heavy blaster to an ambush, does it make a ranat fart worth of difference?” Macu's money is on “No.”

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